• Feb 28 2017

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    Hidden Household Pet Poisons

    Hidden Household Pet Poisons   Over the years, I have treated dogs and cats that were poisoned by everyday household substances that, sadly, the owners did not realize were toxic….

  • Nov 01 2016

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    Diabetes Mellitus in Pets

    My pet drinks a lot and urinates a lot! My dog is starving but losing weight! My cat is flooding the litter box! These are common complaints from people whose…

  • Jun 15 2016

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    Laser Beams!

    Laser Beams!!!! by Dr Marcie Hoover Just had to take a minute to talk about my new friend…the K-laser. The K-laser and I actually met several years ago but didn’t…

  • May 02 2016

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    Interceptor Plus

    I hate to talk worms, but…. The one thing we dislike most about our dogs is that they can bring worms home. We buy or adopt puppies with roundworms. They…

  • Mar 28 2016

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    Canine Lyme Disease Prevention and Control

    Most dogs in Western Pennsylvania are at risk for Lyme disease.  Dogs are at risk: In their own backyard Hunting Traveling If they are big or small, a couch potato…

  • Jan 27 2016

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    Keeping Up With Your Pet’s Dental Health

    Dental Disease: The most common health problem seen in dogs and cats! Periodontal disease in animals is quite similar, although not identical, to the disease process that occurs in people….

  • Jan 13 2015

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    Lyme Disease – A Tale of Two Dogs in Northwest Pennsylvania

    1 in 4 dogs tested at Clarion Animal Hospital in the year of 2015 were positive for Lyme disease!   Our veterinary clinic is in Pennsylvania, one of the states with a…

  • Oct 16 2014

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    Tick Tock! It’s Deer Tick Time in Northwest Pennsylvania

    Why are there so many ticks these days?   Your dog had a tick, you had a tick, and your neighbor had a tick.  It used to be that ticks were…

  • May 27 2014

    May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

    Here is a picture of our dog Annabel and myself in Cook Forest, taken the year she died of lymphoma (2006). Hi!  I’m Dr. Kim Williams and I am a…

  • Mar 27 2014

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    Welcome to Clarion Animal Hospital!

    Welcome to our newly redesigned website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions – (814) 227-2603.