VeterinarySpecialistReferralsJatin P. Mehta, DVM

Orthopedic Surgery
Cruciate Repair – Tightrope Technique
Fracture Repair
Patellar Luxation
Femoral Head Ostectomy

Rigid Endoscopic Procedures
Laparoscopy (Liver, Pancreatic, Renal biopsy)
Large & Giant Breed gastropexy


Marcie Hoover, DVM

Flexible Endoscopic Procedures
Examine upper and lower GI tracts
Gastric and foreign body retrieval
Bronchoscopy in selected cases

Kim Williams, DVM

Oncology Consult – Chemotherapy
Diabetic Consult

Consultation appointments for all major procedures and surgeries are recommended during our scheduled office hours. Scheduled surgeries will admitted in the morning for sedation and completion of procedures. Pre-op testing including blood work and EKGs can be done by the referring veterinarian within two weeks of the scheduled procedure. Test results should be faxed or sent with client before or at the time of the planned procedure or surgery. If preferred, pre-op testing can be performed at the time of surgery before sedation by our practice. The patient may be hospitalized overnight and will be discharged at the doctor’s discretion.