COVID-19 Updates – Effective Monday, May 17, 2021



We would like to thank our clients for your patience and support during this past year. We are excited to welcome our clients back into the building with their pets for their scheduled appointments. We ask that only 2 people enter the exam room per appointment. 

If you are vaccinated, wearing a mask is optional per CDC guidelines. We still recommend practicing social distancing while in the building. We are taking the appropriate measures to keep our staff and clients safe. We are thoroughly disinfecting our reception and waiting areas multiple times daily. Our exam rooms are also being disinfected after each appointment.

**If our clients wish to continue conducting their appointments curbside, please call us upon arrival and we will check you in and conduct your appointment via phone. We are more than happy to conduct your appointment this way for convenience and/or for your comfort.

No need to call upon arrival. You will be given exam room direction upon check in.

We ask only 2 people enter the building when dropping off their pet for surgery or a scheduled procedure. No need to call upon arrival. You will be given exam room direction upon check in.

We will be discharging pets after surgery and dental procedures directly from our back entrance for your convenience. Please call upon arrival.


We encourage you to call ahead to order your pets prescriptions and to pay over the phone to limit your wait time. We will continue to provide curbside pickup for medications.

We will frequently continue to revise and update our safety protocols as we increase the building density. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Thank you!