Interceptor Plus

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I hate to talk worms, but…. The one thing we dislike most about our dogs is that they can bring worms home. We buy or adopt puppies with roundworms. They run across a flea and pick up a tapeworm. We take them to the dog park and they walk in dirt and pick up whipworms. Our neighbor’s dog visits our yard for a potty stop and leaves a pile with hookworm eggs. We take our dog to the beach or the river and mosquitoes infect our dog with dreaded heartworm.

After a few long years off the market a favorite monthly dewormer and heartworm preventative is now available again with improvements – Interceptor Plus. Interceptor Plus prevents all the above parasites – 4 intestinal parasites (tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms) and one blood parasite (heartworm). Best yet, dogs LOVE its new tasty chew-like dosing.

Another benefit of monthly deworming of your dog(s) is to help keep your family and yourself healthy. Two of the above parasites are zoonotic – able to infect people:

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends regular deworming of your pet to reduce environmental contamination with zoonotic eggs and larvae. Interceptor Plus is the perfect product for that. Monthly deworming with Interceptor Plus eliminates pesky parasites from your dog’s GI tract even if it is exposed over and over again from the environment. OF course the CDC also recommends prompt removal of your pet’s waste.tapeworm_infection_3_2009

Here are some shocking statistics about Whipworms:
• In Pennsylvania 1 out of 95 dogs test positive for whipworms according to the CAPC (Companion Animal Parasite Council)
• Whipworms can cause bloody diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, and even death if untreated
• Infective whipworm eggs can persist in the soil for years and years and nothing can get rid of them other than digging up the soil and replacing it with new soil.
• Whipworms can be hard to diagnose and thus may go untreated with conventional yearly fecal checks
• Most other monthly heartworm preventions do NOT treat for whipworms

And some gross facts about Hookworms and Roundworms:
• In Pennsylvania 1 out of 44 dogs test positive for hookworms, 1 out of 33 dogs test positive for roundworms
• One treatment may not kill the parasite – usually several treatments are needed to get rid of all the stages that are in the dog (eggs , adults, and larvae)
• Hookworms and roundworms can also cause severe bloody diarrhea, weight loss, and unthriftiness

And everybody’s least favorite… Tapeworms
• Distressing to see the tapeworms on our pets stool or find them where the dog has been laying
• Can cause perianal irritation (licking at the rectum, scooting along the floor)
• Takes a specialized dewormer to treat that is found in Interceptor Plus but not found in most other monthly heartworm preventatives or over-the-counterhighlightsheartworm_2_2009 dewormers

And still around, Heartworm
• Heartworm is a fatal disease in dogs – treatment is available but it is costly and not always effective
• Heartworm disease is EASILY prevented with a once-a month preventative
• Clarion County, PA has a low heartworm incidence according to the CAPC (1 in 391 dogs tests positive for heartworm) but just one county away (Armstrong County, PA) has an incredibly high incidence of 1 in 55 dogs testing positive!!!!
• Protecting against heartworm is always better than trying to treat for heartworm

So, to sum it up – the definition of intercept is “to stop or interrupt the course, progress, or transmission of”. Interceptor Plus is aptly named – a product that will INTERCEPT 5 key parasites BEFORE they cause a problem in your dog!

-Dr Kim Williams