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    Welcome to Clarion Animal Hospital!

    Our ultimate purpose is to provide high quality veterinary care for our patients in a caring and professional environment. We are proud of our staff’s ability to deliver quality care for our patients and outstanding service to our clients. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our staff, clients and pets.

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  • microchip

    National Pet ID Week!

    Questions about microchips?
    Does your pet already have a microchip?
    Check out our ‘all you need to know’ page right here on website!

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  • thunderstorm

    Are You Ready For Storm Season?

    At the first clap of thunder, your dog is suddenly missing in action, and you’re likely to find him in the far corner of the darkest closet or under the bed. He may even be sitting, trembling on your lap or at your feet when the thunder rolls. Here are some tips to help avoid these situations!

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  • panting dog

    Heat Awareness

    It’s important to realize that dogs and cats can develop heat-related injury quickly. Find out how to recognize and avoid these situations here.

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  • interceptor

    Interceptor Plus

    After a few long years off the market a favorite monthly dewormer and heartworm preventative is now available again – Interceptor Plus. Best yet, dogs LOVE its tasty chew-like dosing.
    Check out our newest blog Dr Williams wrote on this great product.

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