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    February is Dental Month!

    More than 85 percent of cats and dogs over four years old are affected by periodontal disease!

    So this month try out brushing your pet’s teeth, using dental treats and toys, and ask your veterinarian for any advice on pet oral health.

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    Welcome to Clarion Animal Hospital!

    Our ultimate purpose is to provide high quality veterinary care for our patients in a caring and professional environment. We are proud of our staff’s ability to deliver quality care for our patients and outstanding service to our clients. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our staff, clients and pets.

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    From hip dysplasia to stomatitis. From infected wounds to soft tissue trauma. Ask your veterinarian how K-Laser therapy can help!

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    Veterinary Services

    Clarion Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best: Diagnostics, Surgery, Dentistry, and Wellness programs. See our Services section.

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