• snow dog

    Who is excited for the snow to start falling?

    You’re probably already aware of the risks posed by warm weather and leaving pets in hot cars, but did you know that cold weather also poses serious threats to your pets’ health?
    Here are some tips to keep your pets safe during cold weather.

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  • Paws for the Cause Holiday Fundraiser!

    Enter for a chance to win one of these 3 gift baskets. One for your Fanciful Feline, for your Comical Canine, and for You! All donations will go to our local animal rescue centers.
    Visit our facebook page for more photos and information.

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  • christmas dog 3

    Holiday Safety Tips

    The holiday season is upon us, and many pet parents plan to include their furry companions in the festivities. As you gear up for the holidays, it is important to try to keep your pet’s eating and exercise habits as close to their normal routine as possible. Also, please be sure to steer pets clear of the following unhealthy treats, toxic plants and dangerous decorations.

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  • christmas dog and cat 2

    Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress for Dogs and Cats

    Hectic holiday schedules can be stressful for dogs and cats. This video has 5 tips from pet health experts that will help your pets stay calm and relaxed during the holiday season. We hope these help!

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  • christmas cat

    Winter Holiday Pet Poison Tips

    The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about a potentially poisoned pet. Below is a list of holiday-related decorations, plants and food items that the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline recommend keeping away from pets.

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  • merry christmas 1

    Happy Holidays to all!

    We’d also like to take time this holiday season to thank all of our clients for choosing and entrusting in us to take care of your furry family members. They all have a special place in our hearts.
    We hope everyone enjoys their holidays!

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  • autumn dog 1

    Welcome to Clarion Animal Hospital!

    Our ultimate purpose is to provide high quality veterinary care for our patients in a caring and professional environment. We are proud of our staff’s ability to deliver quality care for our patients and outstanding service to our clients. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our staff, clients and pets.

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  • sick cat

    Pet Health Helper

    Use our Pet Health Checker tool to help you decide if your pet’s symptoms require immediate attention or if you should continue to monitor those symptoms at home.
    We hope you find it helpful!

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  • dog and cat - diabetes

    Check out our newest blog!

    Our very own Dr Williams wrote a blog all about diabetes mellitus in pets. Does your pet drink and urinate a lot? Does your dog act like he is starving but losing weight? Is your cat flooding the litter box?

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  • dog begging 3

    Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

    Oh the festivities of Thanksgiving and oh the trouble our pets can find within this celebration! As usual, we are posting our holiday safety concerns.
    Check them out!

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